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        1. ABOUT US

          POWERFLOW is one of the leading company in fluid control globally. We always focus on control products and solutions for Fluid Machinery. Our products include:

          Intelligent Valve controller includes Positioner and Electrical Actuators, Control Valves. We have sales office/service center in more than 10 areas/regions around the world and? have manufacturing site in Hangzhou. We have over ten patents and founded Valve Testing Technology Joint R & D Center in Hangzhou.

          The customer includes Fortune 500, Chinese public company and Famous University. We have oversea project experience and delivered the biggest Test System in Sigapore(Capelda PUMP), also involved in Compressor test system design for Atlas Copco.

          We sinserely hope that we can provide best service for our customers and create best value for you! If you have any interest, please contact us!


          Preciseness is not only linked with our products,
          but also reflect how we treat our work with perfect details.


          Enthusiasm, in our daily work is essential,
          but also help us to exceed customer expectations.?? ?


          We are innovating in a professional area and
          provide professional products and service to our customer.?

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