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          POWERFLOW is about to launch IP6000 flameproof version positioner
          Time:2021-03-22 Author: Number of views:239

                Since POWERFLOW launched the IP6000 intrinsically safe intelligent positioner in 2019, the product has been universally recognized and welcomed by the market with high reliability and adjustment accuracy, easy and convenient operation. And we have also ushered in the company's continued The seventh year of growth. In the face of ever changing market demands, we have not stopped the pace of innovation, and will soon launch a new generation of IP6000 flameproof products in the first half of 2021.

                 IP6000 flameproof products can support the highest explosion-proof grade (ExdIICT6), high reliability, operating temperature range of -40-70℃, vibration resistance by 10-500Hz; suitable for various actuators of different specifications, and can be separate installation; optional HART communication function, parameter adjustment and setting can be operated on-site or remotely; easy to install and adjust, and the action performance is quite stable; it is especially suitable for precise flow control in the production process of chemical, petroleum and other industries.

                 After the IP6000 flameproof type is launched, POWERFLOW will cover all types of intelligent valve positioners with 1500, 1600, 1880, IP6000 (intrinsically safe and flameproof) series products, which are suitable for all pneumatic control valve products on the market. At this moment, we are not going to stop here, we will continue to iterate and evolve our products, so as to become customers' trusted partners in production, R&D, and equipment manufacturing, and continue to create more value for customers.

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